Gift Cards

While gift cards are a sort of sub-topic to any of the e-commerce business types on this list, we felt it deserved its own section. Think about why your customers buy your product and how it would translate as a gift.

Physical product gift cards may be great – we all love receiving a gift card for our favorite shoe brand or skincare products. But think outside the box. Experiential gifts are growing in popularity. People want to go on adventures – today’s newlyweds are requesting experiential gifts too. Gift cards can be a great addition to your online store if you are a seasonal business. Folks can purchase gift cards and use them at a later date.

A few tips: run marketing campaigns and digital advertising around popular giving seasons. Bring people directly to your gift certificate page when they click on your ad.l sports clubs, bicycle groups, gyms, dance studios, vintner societies, health associations – the list goes on. A lot of membership groups may require submitting payment by check in-person. Pretty inconvenient to today’s consumer. Luckily, there are many ways to integrate membership e-commerce solutions into your website. Collect payments online, create member directories, and foster an online community.

Your time is valuable and, ultimately, money. Many professions charge for consultations – designers, fitness trainers, nutritionists, etc. If your business involves any form of consultation, you can sell it online. Consumers can simply buy a consult or even service package on your website and you can perhaps virtually meet their needs.

A few tips: selling consultations doesn’t mean you won’t be seeing your customer in person. Depending on your business, it may just be an introduction and you will have to follow up with your service. But for nutritionists, trainers, and others, you can really create a virtual business with customers all over the world.

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